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300+ Fans!

Hello, It's me, Levi Ramirez, Game developer extraordinaire, and before we get into talking about this big project I am working on, I'd like to thank you all for 300+ Fans! I really do appreciate all the love this site has been giving me. The outpouring of love for Gappy 2 and Seven have been wonderful! Also Shoutout to the peeps who have made fanart for those games!

Gappy Fanart by @meulinex

A handful of art for Seven! Done by the lovely @conundrym @coochiem8 @CYBERSP1T

I'm getting close to 400 fans, and at the rate I'm going, I see it coming soon. So Just wanted to say thank you all, and make sure to give some love to the artist I've listed above! They are VERY epic!!! :D

Untamia's Fantasy DX & The Itch.io Page!

So some of you may or may not know what Untamia's Fantasy is, it's one of my most played games and came out right in the middle of the pandemic. If you haven't played it, go check out the "Classic" version here on Newgrounds.

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If you couldn't tell by the different titles, I am working on a remaster of this game! If you have played Classic (Or got done playing it and are now reading this) you have probably noticed a lot of weird quirks and bugs in the game. Well, The remaster is being made to hopefully fix the problems that the game has, along with adding onto it!

The other big thing about this game is that I am going to sell it! I'll host a demo here on Newgrounds that will hopefully sway some of you to buy the game over on itchio, if It makes enough money and I see a high enough demand for it I'll do what I can to move it over to Steam as well.

If you wanna see more about this project, I wrote a whole QnA over on Itchio that you can read here and you can also just check out the page here where you can bookmark it and be ready to play it when it drops! Also, you can always follow the Untamia's Fantasy Twitter account for regular updates!

Another Thing...

I've been kicking around this idea as I've been working on this more and more, and I think Newgrounds might find it interesting as well...

When the game's demo comes onto the website, I want to host an art contest! People make fan-art for the game, post it here, and they will be entered to win a key for the game! I don't know how many I will give out (more than 1 I can promise you), but it seems like it'd be fun to do, get some artists some recognition and possibly win a free game as well!

That's all I have, for now, hope you guys are excited for Untamia's Fantasy DX and for more of my games in the future! Have a good rest of your day :)

-Levi Ramirez