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Hello, it's me, Levi Ramirez, Game developer extraordinaire and I'm here to deliver some long-awaited news...

Rat game update has dropped! (Da big one!)

Yeah, this update took much longer than I thought it would, but life has kinda been busy atm and I'm working on another project that I wanna talk about more publicly. I'll talk about that later, but for now, let's focus on Rat Game! It adds a good chunk of new content, bug fixes, and general tweaks to make the game overall feel a bit better and fairer, while still keeping the brutality that the game can dish out. I focused on giving the player more options when it comes to strategy. Obvious the game isn't too deep, but I'd like to believe a wee-bit more depth has been added in this update :)

Honestly, You should just go play it and form your own opinion. It's free, and I'd love for you to go check it out. Not only did I put a lot of work into this, but a lot of really talented peeps did as well!

Special thanks to @mig-moog and @prosciuttoman for doing some bomb-ass pixel art for this game! They did a lot of cool monster designs so keep your eyes peeled for the ones that made it into the game! However, because I'm a big, dumpy, lazy idiot I didn't really feel like putting them ALL in. So they put all their designs together and posted them on here! If you wanna check out every design they did, they are linked below!

Sprites by @mig-moog

Sprites by @prosciuttoman

Also! yet another huge thanks to @teravex for making a new banger for Rat game! If you wanna just listen to the new track then it's linked right here! And while you listen to this bop, why not throw a few bones his ways. He's going through the harshness of modern American life and could use some help. Please, this dude has done so much for not only me but for the community as a whole. Give him a few bucks, I know he'd appreciate it :)

'Jungle in the Jungle' by @teravex

Also... Thanks, @TomFulp for your contribution... don't wanna share anything here ;)

500+ Fans!

One last thing before you go play with the silly little rat. I wanna thank everyone for 500+ fans, we are on our way to 1K, and the rat game has pushed me far along that path. Once we get past 1K, LeviRamirezNG Brainrot will soon engulf the entire website! y'all rock, and I hope you guys are excited for future endeavors of mine! I'm excited to keep working on new things to contribute to this beautiful little website! Have a good rest of your day :)

-Levi Ramirez