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Been a while hasn't it?..

I don't think I'm really cut-out for uploading things on a consistent schedule, I really missed doing these posts as they were fun to make, but as time went on I had less-and-less to talk about.

I also eventually caved to going back to twitter, now X or whatever. I don't use it often and have basically stopped using it all together for the past month or so, and the need for the Levi Post softly drifted away... but it returns! (kinda)

don't expect a monthly, bi-monthly or anything 'scheduled' for The Levi Post, but I'll continue them when I have SOMETHING to talk about. The main challenge of posting these was because of the initial purpose, to promote my expansion on that Prototype from last year, has been something I want to keep under-wraps until I have a steam page or even a demo reflective of the final game out. I made a twitter page and Instagram page for the game but there aren't any posts on them, not until I have at least SOMETHING to give to people...

And for those worried, no the game is not cancelled! Development is going along pretty smoothly, even thought real-life is demanding a lot from me at the moment. My goal right now is to get a steam page up by end of spring 2024, even give a rough release date for the game as well! But I'll talk more about that at a later date.

Anyways, let's chat...

I'm 22 Now!

The first of the boring birthdays, nothing really to look forward to until like 40? I feel like people's 40th birthday are always very important? Is that the start of middle age? Feel like it would be more like 50... idk.

But yeah, today is my birthday and I'm now 22, how quaint.

I don't have anything planned for today except work LOL, but I bought myself a PS2 this week and a copy of Symphony of the Night! A game I've been wanting to sit-down and finish for quite a while. I've emulated, then started playing a few handful of times, but as of late I've become less-Interested in emulating games.


me in da dark playing SOTN on my fat sony ps2

but on the other hand I'm not to keen on collecting games either! I'm young and expect to move around quite a bit so handling a bunch of CIB games just seems like a headache, and I'm not a big fan of just buying collectors items to sit on the shelf in a box, I wanna use the damn thing! Especially with games, I wanna have fun with video games now just stare at them! Unrelated, fuck Funko-pop collectors.

And I bought myself so le epic Bridge Kid merch for my birthday, if you haven't watched Bridge Kids close out of this tab RIGHT NOW and GO WATCH IT! It's here on Newgrounds so there is no excuse! Also if your interested in the merch here's the link to the store, pretty sure supplies are limited too so act fast, I'm not here to promote I just genuinely love Bridge Kids!!!! I love you @Nihaho and @MikeCarf !!!!!


the bridge kids merch in question......

Game Development Shenanigans

In my last post, I touched a bit on the next STD update and well...

It's postponed, and will probably stay postponed for a while.

This is probably very upsetting for the 3 STD fans but I am sorry. In a now deleted tweet, I talked about how it's very hard for me to go back to working on that game because through-and-through it was an 'emotional piece' that really only works for the context of how I was feeling at the time, a living screenshot of years of childhood trauma, teenage angst, and young adult detachment. Long story short, It was an expelling of many years of negativity and anger, melded into a piece of artwork. The game isn't great, nor is it even good, but it means the world to me and that's why it's so hard for me to not have the desire or will to finish the update.

Now, there has been progress on the update, and if I get a burst of motivation I may just buckle down and finish it, but with a whole life perspective shift and Gappy simply becoming more fun to work on, STD is pretty much shelved for the time being.

Realistically, I would say that the update won't be out until a random day in 2024, or some time after Gappy has released, who knows really.

Speaking of Gappy a new test version for my testers is releasing later this month! So much progress has been made to the game and I am REALLY excited to eventually show more of it off later next year!

I really do think Gappy has the makings of being a great game, and I hope I can deliver on people's hopes for the game! I think if you even somewhat liked Gappy's Playground, you're gonna be head-over-heels for the full game! I'll put it like this, if you thought Gappy's playground felt smooth, that demo feels like sandpaper compared to what the game is now ;)

Here is an assortment of clips from random stages in the development since the last post I showed off the game!


Parallelogram Man's shop! you can buy helpful items here!


A bonus game where you try and break as many blocks as fast as possible, great for increasing your highscore in a stage!


The last level of world 1, The Beach! You'll have to board the ship and overthrow the captain to move on to world 2!


I've missed doing Levi Posts, they really were fun! But become more of an anxiety-enduced chore when I had less to talk about. I think from now on, I'll really only post when I got something cool to talk about or show off.

Until next time! Peace!

-Levi Ramirez



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